Rolling O and Race Action in Monza

02_Ducati Village

From May 7th-9th, the Rolling O Lab went to the Superbike race in Monza, Italy. Positioned in the Ducati village, the Rolling O Lab crew was prepared to educate large crowds on HDO technology. Their expectations were more than correct – 115.000 people attended the race, and every day hundreds of people rushed into the O Lab to learn more about Oakley eyewear. The latest releases from Oakley’s Ducati collection found many new fans, and Italy’s HDO masters Francesco Trancanelli and Filippo Masala sometimes even did parallel demonstrations in- and outside of the Rolling O lab!

The excitement of the fans reached its peak when MotoGP superstar Nicky Hayden showed up at the Rolling O Lab for a signing session. Hundreds of people were waiting to get a signed card from Nicky or one of the inflatable hands given out by the Oakley team. It was a great weekend for the O Lab crew, sharing their knowledge with so many enthusiastic motorsport fans on this legendary Italian racetrack.