Rolling O Hits the NHRA Southern Nationals

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What do Oakley and NHRA Top Fuel cars have in common? Both are unstoppable forces when headed in the right direction, and Oakley is proving just that at these events. Oakley once again had an unbelievable presence at the Summit Racing Equipment NHRA Southern Nationals. One can’t help but swell with pride while walking around the pits at an event like this. Oakley is EVERYWHERE. Every car has the “O” on it someplace. Every pit crew is wearing Oakley sunglasses and shirts.

The Rolling O Store is always the center of attention at NHRA events. At this event the crew did a fantastic job of representing Oakley. Torch, Chris Parker, Eric Lee, Rob Drake, Eric Bryant, and Oakley Sillaway rocked the crowds that came through with the latest product and coolest styles Oakley has to offer. For those of you who do not know Torch, he has been a staple in NHRA for almost 30 years. Torch is definitely the Mayor of NHRA.

In Atlanta a few Sunglass Hut Managers won a V.I.P trip to the races. This included access to the Don Schumacher Racing tent, where they were treated to a fantastic meal while watching pit crews work on the cars. On Friday and Saturday they were on the starting line as two Funny Cars blasted of less than 10 feet from them. This is the Ultimate NHRA experience, almost like being in the car itself.