Oakley and Transitions Offer New Lenses


New Photochromic Lenses Extend Range of Customer Choices

Oakley, Inc. (NYSE: OO) today announced the availability of Oakley® Transitions_® and Oa_kley® Iridium® with Transitions® prescription lenses. The new lens offerings combine the technologies of Transitions V with ESP® photochromic technology, Oakley Iridium lens coating and Oakley Plutonite® lens material. The partnership with Transitions marks the first time that photochromics have been integrated with Oakley prescription optics. Transitions’ photochromic technology makes lenses darken automatically in response to sunlight.

“This partnership offers a valuable opportunity we expect will further extend Oakley’s growing business in prescription eyewear,” said Oakley President Colin Baden. “By combining the proven technologies of both companies, we are able to offer a world first: prescription lenses that blend Oakley’s world-class lens material and lens coatings with the breakthroughs of Transitions photochromic technology.”

“The Oakley brand is well-known, and is associated with innovation and quality, so we see this as an excellent opportunity to complement Transitions’ industry leadership and continue our commitment to growing the photochromics category,” said Dave Cole, general manager of the Americas, Transitions Optical. “Oakley and Transitions are both dedicated to achieving eyewear innovations that protect, enhance and promote healthy sight, so this is a natural partnership that enables us to build on our widespread availability to provide even more choices in prescription lenses.”

The new Oakley® Transitions® lenses, which are virtually clear indoors, darken when exposed to direct sunlight and achieve an 84% light absorption. Oakley® Iridium® with Transitions® lenses offer a slightly tinted appearance in the inactivated state and achieve a minimum of 89% light absorption when exposed to sunlight. Available for frames with higher wrap architecture, Oakley® Iridium_® with Transitions_® feature superheated metal oxides that are fused to the lens surface at the molecular level. This Oakley innovation achieves an optically uniform layer of filtering that reduces glare and tunes light transmission to optimize performance in specific environments. The new lens includes an antireflective (AR) coating to eliminate the annoying reflections common to the back surfaces of all lenses.

The new lenses are made of optically pure Plutonite, a proprietary Oakley material that inherently blocks 100% of all UVA, UVB, and UVC light. The lens material offers unsurpassed impact protection, making it a popular choice among consumers with active lifestyles. Oakley® Transitions® lenses will be available in gray and brown. Oakley® Iridium® with Transitions® will be available in black, emerald and gold.

Oakley offers a comprehensive line of ophthalmic-specific frames and prescription lenses that are recognized among the best in the world. The Oakley Rx system maps light rays in a three-dimensional grid to achieve precise coordination between lens geometry and the human eye, offering uniform optical clarity across the entire lens surface.


Staff Writer


September 15, 2005