Oakley Supports Australians In Film


Oakley supported Australians in Film who honored several actors on May 13th at a rooftop cocktail party at the Thompson Hotel. Chris Hemsworth and Ryan Kwanten won the “Breakthrough Artist Award” for their work in film and television. This year the Heath Ledger emerging artist award and scholarship for a young actor went to a beautiful young woman named Bella Heathcote, who will be pursuing her acting talent in the United States with the assistance of the scholarship. Actor Colin Farrell presented her the scholarship. In addition to Colin, Heath Ledger’s family was in attendance to honor the young actors.

Chris Hemsworth who was seen in last year’s hit film, “Star Trek” can be seen in the upcoming film “Red Dawn” and will play Thor in the upcoming Marvel release. Oakley supported both films working with the filmmakers to provide product. In addition, Chris Hemsworth and his brother Liam (recently seen in the film “Last Song”) are both avid surfers and support the Oakley brand both on and off the screen.

Ryan Kwanten who plays Jason Stackhouse in the hit HBO series, “True Blood” is a triathlete, avid mountain biker and surfer. Oakley has been working with the producers and actors on “True Blood” for the last couple of seasons. Ryan is looking forward to sporting Oakley sunglasses for his athletic adventures.



May 19, 2010