Denver Tour Stop


A city known for healthy lifestyles and outdoor activities, Denver served as a perfect host for the Rolling O Lab to set up and showcase Oakley’s patented High Definition Optics.

A five-day tour started off with a wild Golf Demolition Derby, where Golf Club pro’s from all over the State of Colorado teed off at the Heritage Eagle Bend Golf Course": in Aurora, Co. But this day was not your typical golf gathering, these pro’s stepped up to the tee box 15 golfer’s at a time with the low scores exiting the event after each hole and the last golfer standing takes home the top prize of $1000 cash. As the rain started to fall and the sun dipped behind the cloudy horizon, Larry Collin’s took down the field for a second straight year. Nice shooting Larry.

The O Lab crew would like to thank Oakley’s Colorado Golf expert Matt Thomas for having us, Joe McNulty from Oakley Head Quarters for his support and a special thank you goes out to Eric Schaupeter and his golf shop staff at the Heritage Eagle Bend GC. Very smooth event.

Bar Standard in downtown Denver was the next stop for the O Lab. Oakley Colorado’s Eric Warble hosted a fantastic night of dancing, food and fun. Located at the base of the VIP room stairs, the O Lab enjoyed partiers from Oakley accounts all over Colorado and sent them upstairs full of HDO knowledge, where the boogied until the early hours.

Before the fog lifted from the Bar Standard Party on Friday night, the Rolling O Lab crew and Oakley Colorado was in place for the 7am Saturday opening of the Bicycle Village Expo. The event was a combination of a hugely advertised sale and consumer expo. Hundreds of die-hard bikers greeted us at the gates first thing in the morning to get their hands on the best deals of the biking pre-season.

As the day went on, we had consumer raffles for those who toured the lab. We also had Oakley’s own Tom Danielson of Team Garmin-Transitions sit in for an autograph session prior to leading a group ride in the afternoon.

The Oakley presence inside the store was massive and the sales representation was solid. We estimated close to 350 consumers and shop employees stepped into the O Lab over the two-day event.

A huge thank you goes out to Nick and the Rolling O Crew, as they were top-notch professionals the entire weekend. Thank you Lani and Bruce at Bicycle Village for your hospitality and Thank You Tim Kennedy for busting ass once again. A special thank you goes out to Matty Alberts, who was the first to show up at 6:30 am the day after the party. (Nice work)

The weekend served as a great test for the upcoming pre-season Specialty Sport Venture ski sale events this fall and Oakley left a lasting impression on one of our largest accounts in Colorado.

On behalf of the O Lab Crew, thanks for the kind words Eric and we look forward to working with you again…