St Anthony’s Triathlon

St. Pete Triathalon 021

This year the Rolling O Lab was on hand in St. Petersburg, FL for the 27th annual running of the St. Anthony’s Triathlon. The lab was set up in the “Sports and Fitness Expo” area right on the harbor in beautiful downtown St. Petersburg with the goal to educate competitors and fans on why Oakley HDO is so crucial to peak performance. The tech savvy crowd was extremely responsive to the science behind the eyewear and loved seeing how Oakley compares to the competitors in lab tests. Over 500 patrons came through the Rolling O Lab over the course of a weekend graced with beautiful weather and intense racing. Not only is there a “Elite Amateur Division” triathlon but there is also a “Meek and Mighty” race for kids ages seven and up to make sure that everyone can get involved and be fit.

St. Anthony’s is typically the first U.S race of the triathlon season and in the past has served as a qualifier for the Ironman Triathlon World Championship. Last year there were participants from 48 states and 18 countries so it is obvious that this is no small-time race. With entry limited to only 1000 people it shows that this is a coveted race on the circuit and a win that any athlete would love on their resume. This year’s top five finishers were:


  1. Cameron Dye 1:48:44
  2. Greg Bennett 1:49:04
  3. Craig Alexander 1:49:14
  4. Stuart Hayes 1:50:50
  5. Matthew Reed 1:51:13


  1. Sarah Haskins 1:58:49
  2. Mirinda Carfrae 2:00:20
  3. Jillian Petersen 2:00:35
  4. Jodie Stimpson 2:01:44
  5. Laura Bennett 2:02:16

Oakley and the Rolling O Lab crew would like to congratulate all the finishers on completing the race and also send a very special thanks out to event coordinators Suzanne and Phillip for helping to organize this triathlon as well as accommodate all of our needs. For more info on the event or to register for next year’s race please visit the St. Anthony’s Triathlon website.


James Smat


May 03, 2010

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