Oakley's On-Site Activation at MLB Spring Training 2010


Oakley definitely made its presence known in the world of Major League Baseball during the 2010 Spring Training campaign in both the Cactus League (Arizona) and the Grapefruit League (Florida). As the official licensed eyewear of MLB the Oakley brand continued to show high visibility in all facets of a baseball fans experience from start to finish as we continued our 4th annual tour of MLB’s introduction to its season.

The experience would begin as fans entering each stadium were greeted by the infamous Rolling O Lab as the massive truck with a full Oakley awning, an Oakley branded bird’s nest and waving O flags lured both fans and players alike to get educated on the amazing technology behind Oakley eyewear. Several fortunate fans were able to get autographs from their favorite players both past and present as the likes of Hall of Famer Goose Gossage, Joba Chamberlain and Ryan Howard, to name few, signed fans memorabilia in front of the O Lab at some point. Upon entering the stadium the combination of scoreboard signage, video placement, outfield signage and in game public address announcements made Oakley’s impact undeniable. To top things off for the spring training goers, one lucky fan at each game was able to win a pair of Oakley MLB Flak Jackets of their favorite team. Those inquiring about the custom team eyewear were directed to the team pro shop where they could purchase not only Flak Jackets but often other custom made styles drawing heavy foot traffic through each stores door and contributing to the stores sales. Key accounts were also entertained as Oakley had sponsored nights at both the Philadelphia Phillies and New Yankees, including use of the teams hospitality suite for the entire game.

Overall we visited six stadiums, participated in 14 games, and marketed eyewear for 15 teams including the San Diego Padres, Seattle Mariners, Chicago White Sox, Los Angeles Dodgers, Chicago Cubs, Oakland A’s, Texas Rangers, Philadelphia Phillies, New York Yankees, Baltimore Orioles, Tampa Bay Rays, Detroit Tigers, Washington Nationals, Atlanta Braves and Houston Astros . Total attendance for those games exceeded 125,000. Oakley outfield and scoreboard signage were a mainstay on highlights reels throughout the country and the world during the entire month of March. In fact capping off the month and maximizing the use of marketing on March 23, arguably Oakley’s biggest star in baseball, Ichiro Suziki, made ESPN’s nightly SportsCenter #1 play by making the top play of spring training while crashing into and falling directly in front of the Oakley outfield sign eventually getting up and putting his Oakley’s back on. The replay of that play alone ran continually for 24 hours on ESPN’s SportsCenter as well as ESPNEWS.