Oakley/Red Bull Supermoto A-Go-Go


Oakley’s Jeff Ward appeared to be well on his way to a second consecutive AMA Supermoto Championship. This capped off an impressive 2005 series before approximately 45,000 frothing race fans, who perched from parking garages to catch a bird’s-eye view of the downtown Reno street circuit. Unfortunately, Oakley’s Ward crashed while leading the crucial race two, which paid double points to all riders who had qualified for at least one round of the series. Prior to Reno, Wardy was stripped of his success when he hit the ground and couldn’t refire the bike for a lap.

The good news is that Ward did get it fired, allowing him to finish the race and take second in the series. Under the double point’s format, the consistent Kunzel, who won only one race all season, was able to steal the title away from Ward. Ward, who had scored five race wins by two points, finished at 259-257. If Ward had finished 14th, the two men would have tied, and Ward would have retained the championship by virtue of those five wins.

In the Supermoto Unlimited class, the battle for the title came down on the last corner of the last lap; two-time AMA 125cc National MX Champion Micky Dymond won the race and championship. Oakley’s Darryl Atkins finished second in the series.

Supermoto Lites class provided some great action as well with Brendan Currie claiming his first career AMA National victory. Oakley’s Joel Albrecht took the early lead in the 16-lap race for the 250cc lites. Currie hounded Joel at every turn before backing it in too hard and high-siding on lap seven. Currie managed to get up quickly and overcome a deficit of about 10 seconds to run Albrecht down again on lap 14, Joel however had problems of his own when his front brake guard fell off and was causing his front brake to lock up and make it difficult to continue at race speed, Currie passed the former AMA National motocross and supercross racer at the end of the whoop section to take over the lead.

Results: (Oakley Athletes in red)

Supermoto Race 1

  • Mark Burkhart (Yamaha)
  • Jeff Ward (Honda)
  • Jurgen Kunzel (KTM)
  • David Baffeleuf (KTM)
  • Steve Drew (Suzuki)
  • Cassidy Anderson (Honda)
  • Travis Pastrana (Suzuki)
  • Benny Carlson (KTM)
  • Gary Trachy (Honda)
  • Massimo Gazzarata (Honda)

Supermoto Race 2

  • Mark Burkhart (Yamaha)
  • Jurgen Kunzel (KTM)
  • Kurt Nicoll (KTM)
  • Aaron Yates (Suzuki)
  • Chris Fillmore (Honda)
  • Steve Drew (Suzuki)
  • David Baffeleuf (KTM)
  • Cassidy Anderson (Honda)
  • Travis Pastrana (Suzuki)
  • Benny Carlson (KTM)

Supermoto Lites

  • Brandon Currie (Kawasaki)
  • Joel Albrecht (Kawasaki)
  • Casey Yarrow (Yamaha)
  • Dalton Dimick (Honda)
  • Calvin Andlovec (Yamaha)
  • John Lewis (KTM)
  • Casey Currie (Kawasaki)
  • Cd Howell (Honda)
  • Troy Lee (Honda)
  • Matt Pursley (Honda)

Supermoto Unlimited

  • Micky Dymond (KTM)
  • Rodney Taplin (Husqvarna)
  • Darryl Atkins (KTM)
  • Justin Ross (KTM)
  • Robert Loire (KTM)
  • Cole Walsdorf (KTM)
  • Mike Bergman (KTM)
  • Paul Nafziger (KTM)
  • Rick Pearce (Honda)
  • Chris Tucker (KTM)