7th Annual Oakley Unsound Pro


The 7th Annual Oakley Unsound Pro in Long Beach N.Y. went off this September. The event was hit with surf straight on by hurricane Ophelia. The 4 day event peaked on Saturday with a group of top WQS warriors.

Finalists Asher Nolan, Kyle Garson, Dusty Payne, and Oakley’s own Aaron Cormican battled it out in flawless 4ft (6-8ft faces) beach break peaks. This year’s event featured many creative rounds such as the Unsound Air Show, tow at event, and a Fantasy Team Challenge, which pushed the level of surfing to the next level, and gave an opportunity to make some cash while doing it.

Results: (Oakley Athletes in red)

Mens Open Pro

  • Asher Nolan $2500
  • Kyle Garson $1000
  • Aaron Cormican $800
  • Dusty Pane $700

Air Show

  • Best Air – Sterling Spencer $800
  • Best Wave – Ryan Carlson $200
  • Innovative – Sterling Spencer $200

Red Bull Tow-at

  • Best Air – Ryan Carlson $2000
  • Best turn – Billy Hume $500
  • Amplitude – Kyle Garson $500

Fantasy Team Challenge: 1st Team

  • Wu-tang $1600
  • Kyle Garson $1600
  • Aaron Cormican $1600
  • Jarah Tutton $1600
  • Jeremy Johnston $1600

Fantasy Team Challenge: 2nd Team

  • Alek Parker
  • Blake Jones
  • Justin Jones
  • Tommy O’brien

Highest heat Total:

  • Asher Nolan $200

Highest Wave Score:

  • Dean Randazzo $200

Best move of contest:

  • Eric Gieselman $200


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September 14, 2005

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