PGA Superstore and the Rolling O Lab

PGA Tour Superstore - Chandler 030310 01

On March 2nd & 3rd, 2010 I was given an opportunity to use possibly one of the most impactful tools Oakley has ever created for education and sales generation, the Oakley Rolling O-Lab. Following the Waste Management Phoenix Open, this was perfect timing to showcase the truck in front of one of Oakley’s largest “golf specific” National Doors in Arizona, PGA Tour Superstore. Both of these doors were extremely supportive and excited about the idea of bringing our Rolling O-Lab to their front door in order to educate their staff and develop another level of customer loyalty. Weeks beforehand we were able to create flyers to post throughout the stores to expose their employees, as well as their customers about the up and coming event. A few employees from each of the stores were also able to make it to the WM Phoenix Open to see the powerful creation we have brought to this planet to share amongst their colleagues and ensure everyone would not miss this rare retail visit. And to top things off, the Rolling O-Lab Crew (Adam Racioppi, Kyle Matias, Aaron Lombard & Kyle Donahue) and myself were able to promote these doors to those at the Phoenix Open that wanted to see a larger array of our 2010 collection.

The first stop was at the PGA Tour Superstore in Scottsdale on March 2nd, 2010 off Shea Blvd. & the 101 Fwy. We were able to take over a good chunk of real estate right in front of their store to make it easy for the store staff to get to the truck and to ensure that local passer-bys knew which store we were supporting. Starting promptly at 11:00am we started rolling employees and customers alike through the truck. Adam Racioppi and his crew (Aaron Lombard & Kyle Matias) rallied after a long week at the Phoenix Open to put on an unbelievable performance sending employees back to their store with a new found appreciation for the glowing brand in the powdered black doublewide case. Customers sitting in on the demonstrations were also blown away with how much technology was packed in a single pair of Oakley sunglasses and were talking about tossing their personal pair to go buy a new pair of Oakley’s, especially after hearing about our golf specific lens, G30. At around 1:00pm, PF Chang’s generously helped out with some last minute reservations to cater for the PGA Tour Superstore staff. With minds loaded with information and stomachs full, it was time to press on.

The final stop was at the PGA Tour Superstore in Chandler on March 3rd, 2010 off N. Arizona Ave & W. Warner Rd. Again, we were able to lock in a great position right in front of the store. After hearing from the Scottsdale store, the management made it a point to get all of their employees through the truck and prepped their staff for a heavier customer flow on this Wednesday morning. Again starting at 11am we started pumping employees and customers through the demonstrations and sending them back as new-found fanatics. Lunch came a little earlier this day with Someburros catering a mix of Chimis & Taquitos at around 12pm which helped keep the employees at the store and excited to come check out the rig as well as get a free meal!!! Rich Weis showed a special guest appearance at this location with the family to help support the ‘O’ by answering customer questions and helping direct employees and customers through the truck and the store. Without all the amazing help & support from the Rolling Lab Crew & and the staff at both PGA’s this event would not have been possible. So a big thank you!!!

In the end, the entire staff at both stores were extremely amped at what Oakley was able to bring to the table and were humbled that we had picked them out of all the doors in the Phoenix area. Employees from both stores were extremely thankful for being given the experience and were explaining how much easier it will be to talk to customers about the importance of wearing eyewear, but more importantly about wearing Oakley eyewear!!!

There were a lot of moving parts to make these events happen, but I have to send out a special thank you to Ryan Evert and his amazing Rolling O-Lab Crew (Adam Racioppi, Aaron Lombard & Kyle Matias) for making time in the busy O-Lab schedule to see these doors, Jim Fitzpatrick for helping fund these events & of course the management at both locations: Bill Fuentes, Daniel Klevanosky, Andrea Klevanosky, Sean McWhortor & Dustin Mahoney. I appreciate all the help, efforts & support! Have a great day