More Than Zero


Standing at the top of the snow-blanketed fourth hole at Prestonwood Country Club (known by locals as “the hill”), Dan Weant adjusts his
Oakley Zero™ sunglasses, leaps forward, and sends himself hurtling face-first down the icy fairway on a boogie board.

“As I raced down the hill I realized I was not going to stop,” says Dan, the director of tennis at the renowned North Carolina club. “I ran headfirst into the bulkhead (creek). I felt a mighty jolt—an extremely hard knock to my face. I stood up in the six-foot-deep ditch and pulled myself out of the stream of water. I touched my face where it hurt only to find blood everywhere on my hand.”

With the aid of a friend (an oral surgeon) that friend’s friend (a plastic surgeon), the sizable gash under Dan’s right eye was sewn shut, as was the bridge of his nose. After a week of recuperation, Dan paused to reflect on the accident and his Oakley Zero sunglasses.

“They saved my eyesight,” he says. “They never broke or came off during the entire collision. They saved my nose from being broken, as well as other facial parts (cheek, orbital bone). The doctor said…without them (I) probably would have lost vision in (my) right eye.

“Not only am I thankful for my glasses and how they saved me, but I wear them every day out on the tennis courts and they save my eyes from both the sun’s harmful rays and stray tennis balls hit by my students. I love my Oakley sunglasses!”


Danny Evans


March 03, 2010

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