Rolling O Sets Up At Grouse Mountain


Rolling O Lab kicked off it’s month long stint at Grouse Mountain by helping host the Oakley Global Media Event. Over 150 international journalists, key accounts, and Oakley VIPs kicked off the event by touring the O Lab to get an idea of how Oakley educates the masses on the benefits of Oakley’s High Definition Optics as well as superior impact protection.

After checking out the lab, everyone took trams up to the top of Grouse for the highlights of the night’s event. Oakley VP Russ Ortiz and O Lab legend Bryan Shelton gave the crowd detailed presentations on the technology and benefits of Oakley eyewear. From there, Oakley Sr VP of Marketing, Scott Bowers, led groups through a timeline of iconic Oakley pieces and their impact and presence over three decades of Olympic Games. Andy McSorley then previewed the eyewear that is currently seen on Olympic athletes participating here in Vancouver.

A press conference was then held with some of those athletes. Canada’s Ashleigh McIvor, Chris Del Bosco, Jeff Batchelor, and Shannon Rempel all answered questions on their product of choice and why they chose the custom eyewear they did to aid in the biggest competition of their lives.

From there everyone braved the elements to view Oakley’s 2010 technical outerwear styles. Those that toughed it out to the very end were rewarded when two of Oakley’s biggest stars, Gretchen Bleiler and Shaun White, surprised the crowd with a set of questions and answers with Oakley Sports Marketing Manager Matty Swanson.

Grouse Mountain is open 24 hours a day throughout the Olympic Games providing the O Lab with an excellent opportunity to educate riders of all levels on why the world’s top athletes choose Oakley eyewear.