2nd Annual Wakeboard World Cup 2005


35 of the World’s Top Wakeboarders were invited to compete for the Top Men’s and Women’s position. With cash prizes of up to $50,000 USD at the 2nd HSBC (Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation) Wakeboard World Cup, it brought 15,000 spectators to the 2-day event.

American Emily Copeland Durham edged out Gretchen Hammarberg to capture the Woman’s title. “I feel that I performed better today (compared to Saturday), landing on all my passes. My tricks were pretty clean and it felt pretty good.”

16-year old American wakeboarding sensation Phillip Soven scored a 94.89 to edge out New Zealand’s Jeff Weatherall to take the weekends Men’s championship. “This is one of the best wins of my career, because all the top guys were here in Singapore and were riding well all weekend,” said an ecstatic Soven. “I didn’t fall in any my passes the whole day and it was good win because it helped me clinch the overall series title. The crowds in Singapore are massive and I could hear them cheering for me when I was out in the water. This is a great event and a superb venue and I want to be back next year.”

Pro Women’s
Finals Riders Points

  • Emily Copeland Durham (USA) 64.45
  • Gretchen Hammarberg (USA) 57.58
  • Andrea Fountain (New Zealand) 53.90
  • Denise De Haan (Netherlands) 48.02
  • Chen Li Li (China) 47.82
  • Robbie Rendo (Argentina) 44.00

Pro Men’s Head-To-Head Format
Round 1:

  • Lockey Price (Canada) vs. Jeff Weatherall (New Zealand)
  • Morgan Krause (South Africa) vs. Daniel Watkins (Australia)
  • Brett Eisenhauer (Australia) vs. Dan Nott (Great Britain)
  • Matt Lammers (South Africa) vs. Phillip Soven (USA)

Pro Men’s Head-To-Head Format
Round 2:

  • Jeff Weatherall (New Zealand) vs. Daniel Watkins (Australia)
  • Dan Nott (Great Britain) vs. Phillip Soven (USA)

Final Round2:

  • Jeff Weatherall (New Zealand) vs. Phillip Soven (USA)

Men’s Final Results

  • Phillip Soven (USA)
  • Jeff Weatherall (New Zealand)
  • Dan Nott (Great Britain
  • Daniel Watkins (Australia)