Oakley Surf Expo Party


Oakley is infamous at Surf Expo for the party of the show, year after year. Bringing pioneers and icons such as Rob Bass and Vanilla Ice. This year was no exception, after years of rumors, 2Live Crew was ready to make it happen. The doors opened at 9PM, and by 10:30PM the line stretched to what looked like Tampa. DJ Jay Marley provided the early action warming up the crowd, while Monster supplied the energy to endure.

Oakley accounts and VIP’s enjoyed backstage lounge action with Fish n Grits and the boys, then at 11:30PM they took the stage. Immediately everyone in the place was singing along to those forbidden anthems from their adolescence. At points in time it seemed like half the audience was on stage dancing while the boys dropped hit after hit. Prepare yourselves now, January Surf Expo is around the corner and Saturday will belong to Oakley at Lulu’s.


Staff Writer


September 17, 2005