Iguchi Dominates The World Series


One of the Top Ball Players from Team Oakley, Tadahito Iguchi (30) accomplished a brilliant achievement by winning The World Series on hisvery first year in the major leagues.

About 10 years ago, everyone thought that it was merely impossible for a Japanese player to conquer the world, but Iguchi demolished them all. After playing for Kokugakuinn-Kugayama High School (won the National High School Tournament), he went on to attend Aoyama Gakuin University where his team won the National Intercollegiate Championship. At the same time, he was selected as the Japan’s National member for the Atlanta Olympics.

When he played for the Fukuoka Daiei Hawks, his marvelous achievement’s included a Grand Slam on his very first at bat as a Pro and even grabbing the Japan Series Title. When he joined the White Sox, he encouragingly put great amount of effort in infiltrating the good elements of Japanese baseball Like the term “Small Baseball” which is to continuously get on base, even with a sacrifice to allow a runner to score. He deeply understood that this was the necessary element, along with his great experience for the White Sox to win the championship.

The first year rookie, Iguchi magnificently changed the team that was left behind from a World Series title for 88 years. Of course, Iguchi or none of the Japanese knew or even heard about the White Sox back from 88 years ago, and this helped Iguchi to play his own baseball without any negative preconception. He kept focus on team work, by even sacrificing his own play, and that’s what helped this underdog team conquer the World Series.

Iguchi began using Oakley Eyewear from spring camp in 1999. At that time, sunglasses were yet to be recognized as a necessity item in the game of baseball. Even some Japanese teams, the coaching staff would prohibited the athletes from wearing sunglasses on the field. But Iguchi and his team mate Jyojima (one of the top Catchers in the Japanese league) sensed the great importance of sunglasses in baseball. Many of the Major leaguer’s responded that as a professional, they can’t afford any errors caused by the sunlight, especially in a important game. Therefore, it’s a very natural and ordinary choice for the players to wear sunglasses in the field. Iguchi the World Champ, will always be focusing on the future and getting prepared by selecting the ultimate eyewear.

Item used by Tadahito Iguchi)
M-Frame Carbon Fiber / Vented G30 Sweep
Half Jacket Carbon Fiber / XLJ G30
Oakley Thump 512MB / Tribal – Black Iridium