If He Tweets it, They Will Come

Adelaide 126

It doesn’t get bigger than Lance Armstrong. And when he speaks, or in this case, tweets, people listen. After inviting everyone to join him for a ride the following morning via Twitter, the Adelaide community showed up by the thousands. With limited time to prepare, Oakley sent its secret weapon, the Rolling O Lab, out to participate in what turned out to be an unforgettable experience.

The Lab was up and running at sunrise, accomplishing both of its goals – to educate as many people as possible on the benefits of Oakley eyewear while generating funds for Haitian earthquake crisis. Bottles of water and sausages hot off the barbie (big ups to Jimmy, Black Dog, and Robby for holding it down) were given out with the request of a donation to try and help ease the suffering in Haiti. Donations are still being collected throughout the Tour Down Under and the generosity of the Adelaide community was beyond refreshing.

We thought the morning couldn’t be going better until the man himself; Lance Armstrong, made a surprise visit to the Rolling O Lab. The estimated crowd of 10,000 people split as Lance and his team made their way to the O lab. After signing a few autographs while the PA system got dialed in, Lance thanked the crowd for the unbelievable showing and reminded everyone to be respectful and enjoy the days ride.

Special thanks to the Adelaide city council for working with us on last second permits. We would also like to recognize everyone that came out to ride, check out the benefits of Oakley HDO, grab a sausage and help Oakley enjoy an incredible morning.