Getting Shock-Frozen in Samnaun


On December 14th our black European monster made its way up to the little mountain village Samnaun, right on the border between Austria and Switzerland. Samnaun is a very popular little place as it’s a duty-free zone and located very close to 3 ski resorts, including St. Moritz!

Every day hundreds of tourists and skiers flood Samnaun to do some shopping – the ideal place to be for the O-Lab. In close collaboration with our local Oakley client, Sport HANGL, we could fix a premium spot to park our Lab.

The whole Oakley crew was more than happy to welcome the Rolling-O Lab, because driving to Samnaun – that’s not just a walk in the park! 1.800 meters above sea level, just one narrow mountain road winding up to the village. Only because of our O-Lab driver’s experience our Lab landed safely next to the huge sports store HANGL.

Building up was another adventure – or have you ever tried to set up staircases at -18°Celsius (-0,6°F) ?! Anyhow, everybody was so excited to see the Lab for the first time, the HANGL staff was overwhelmed by the Lab’s technical features.

Tuesday morning, December 15th, we had to switch on the generator quite early to avoid any deep-freezing of our instruments. German HDO specialist Franz Greiter put up once more his amazing knowledge in superior eyewear technology, supported by snow warrior Matthias Eigenmann who contributed to the show with his catching enthusiasm for Oakley’s latest goggle releases.

During the day some hundred people popped in our lab, curious about its massive appearance and to find out more about HDO. Many skiers came in to warm up after a long day on the slopes and enjoyed Franz’ show. In the evening the HANGL staff, about 50 people anyway, inspected the lab and experienced a great training session with following quiz.

To finish the day in style everybody joined us to the Oakley party in Samnauns notorious night club – the “Why Not?!” where some people have been seen partying hard till early morning…


Denise Steiner


December 15, 2009

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