Watch Out For That Tree


Anthony Breen was out mountain biking one brilliant English morning, charging down his favorite trail at around twenty miles per hour, nary a care in the world. And then he hit a tree.

This is not recommended.

The offending tree had fallen down, landing perpendicularly across the trail—the quintessential embodiment of the term “an accident waiting to happen.” When Anthony finally saw the roadblock, it was too late to adjust course. He hit it head-first.

That’s how he landed, too.

“My M Frame® [sunglasses] saved my eye,” he says. “[I] took a substantial blow to my face, as shown in the pics attached, but luckily my M Frames protected my eye from certain injury. Glad I chose Oakley all those years ago. Keep up the good work so I can carry on riding safely.”

You’ve got yourself a deal, Anthony.


Danny Evans


January 06, 2010

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