The Rolling O Lab lands in Australia!

O Lab in Torquay

After over 30 days on the open water in transit to Australia, Oakley’s Rolling O Lab has landed! It has taken numerous people from all aspects of Oakley in two different continents to plan, coordinate and execute the Labs first visit to the land down under. Boy let me tell you there is more to that then you could ever imagine, it’s not as easy as sending a box of Cadbury chocolates over. The entire truck had to be stripped of every single thing except equipment and then steam cleaned from top to bottom. Then, after all that time at sea, it sat in Australian customs for a few days to get inspected and then cleaned all over again. To enter the country there could be NO dirt, NO wood or paper products of any kind, and definitely no bugs. Not an easy task after a year and a half on the road.

With a very warm welcome from everyone at Oakley South Pacific we prepared for our first event. We set up right across the street from Oakley’s Australian headquarters for their Ride Day. With riders showing up before the sun did, we started running them through the lab to let them see Oakley’s technology first hand and show them what separates us from everybody else. After getting educated, over 40 riders took off for their ride out along Port Phillip Bay to Melbourne’s Black Rock and then back.

With the first event going off with out a hitch we moved the truck down to Torquay, Victoria’s surfing capital for the Surfing for Girls stop and some fun in the sun at Jan Juc beach.

We want to give a BIG THANKS to everyone on both sides who put in so much work to make this idea a reality, well done.

The guys and the Lab will be down in Australia until almost march so look for more updates to come from the O Lab soon.