Halloween in Paris – SuperX Bercy


At the end of October, the best SX and MX riders travelled to Paris Bercy for the biggest and most prestigious Supercross racing event in Europe.

The stadium “Palais Omnisports de Paris-Bercy” is the perfect venue for this event: located in the east of Paris and easy to reach by car and metro, it has enough space for around 20.000 spectators. On the evenings of October 30th, 31st and November 1st 2009 the top American and French SX and MX riders flocked to the stadium – along with Oakley’s Rolling O Lab!

Perfectly placed right in front of the main entrance of the stadium, the O Lab was definitely THE meeting point for fans. They got a first look at the latest MX goggle color additions and learned about true High Definition Optics, impressively demonstrated by French HDO ambassador Anthony Dumesnil. Even though the weather conditions weren’t favorable these days we can proudly say that we met about 2000 fans at the lab, who also eagerly took part in our daily raffle to win a super exclusive prize: a signed James Stewart MX Crowbar!

On Friday, the Oakley crew was happy to meet Charles Pagès, who was 2nd at the Freestyle.ch in Switzerland and 2nd at the X-Night in Costa Rica, plus the first rider ever who managed to land a frontflip on his MX bike! Recently injured, he was still motivated to come to the O Lab for a signing session at 7 pm, together with Oakley teammate and French local hero Marvin Musquin, who won the title in both French Championship and MX2 World Championship this year! People nearly fought to get a signed card from them, the vibe was amazing. By nightfall there weren’t less than 5.000 people waiting to get into the stadium for the show, hence they spent their meantime at the O Lab.

Saturday was even better: Secretly American SuperX star James “Bubba” Stewart sneaked into the Rolling O lab to meet the European team and sign the O Lab’s Wall of Fame. Right after that, we spontaneously decided to motivate the waiting crowd by climbing up our Unicat MAN truck and threw hundreds of inflatable Oakley “hands” to the cheering audience. Oakley sports marketing manager Eric Minozzi could convince Charles Pagès and Marvin Musquin to come around a second time – and they had the signing session of their life: in less than 15 minutes more than 400 cards and posters, signed by the athletes, found new owners.

Special thanks go to Eric Minozzi who made this possible, to Charles Pagès who managed to sign hundreds of signing cards with a cast, to Anthony, Léa and the rest of the Oakley crew.