FIRST C SIX Carbon Fiber Sunglass Sold Today


Wednesday, November 11, 2009 – Foothill Ranch, California

There has certainly been a great amount of buzz about Oakley launching its new ELITE Collection , especially the C SIX™ sunglass , a feat of engineering, design and technology.

Today at Oakley Headquarters in Foothill Ranch, CA, the first pair of C SIX eyewear was sold and went home with its proud new owner, Robert Lang –the first person in the WORLD to own a pair of this specific sunglass. Given their extremely limited production, this event was special both for Oakley and for Robert. So special that he was greeted personally by CEO Colin Baden as well as Senior Design Director, Peter Yee (who himself designed C SIX). Together, Colin and Peter provided Robert a tutorial on the eyewear – a one on one opportunity few in the world will ever get.

Who is Robert Lang? How did he learn of the Elite Collection, and what interested him specifically in C SIX eyewear? Read on to learn more.

Oakley: Where did you first hear about the Elite Collection, and the C SIX sunglass?
Robert Lang: I heard about the collection from a friend in Australia. I received an email with some information about the C SIX included and was interested to learn more about it immediately. The first thing my friend asked me about it as we emailed back and forth was “Would you pay the $4,000 US for it?” I said I had to see it first, but knew it would be difficult to find in Australia pre-launch due to the limited number being produced and distributed worldwide. I had plans to travel to the US on business, providing the perfect opportunity to check it out at Oakley’s store in their Headquarters location, a store I have been visiting for Oakley product since 2004.

Oakley: Where are you from exactly?
Robert Lang: Melbourne, Australia.

Oakley: How long have you been in the US for your trip?
Robert Lang: 35 days – I have been here since October 10th. I came to the US for multiple reasons; one of them being SEMA. I am an engineer and work within the automotive industry. I run an engineering business in Australia.

Oakley: Your background in engineering fits perfectly with someone who would understand the technology built into the Elite collection, and many of Oakley’s products. You mentioned you have been an Oakley consumer for many years – what other kinds of Oakley products have you used in the past?
Robert Lang: I like the more unique product rather than the mainstream items – those pieces that show creativity and that are of what I consider Oakley caliber. My collection of Oakley product includes Medusa, Juliet, several pairs of Water Jacket, apparel, shoes – and many others.

Oakley: What specifically about the C SIX made you want to purchase it?
Robert Lang: As I mentioned before, I am a collector of the Oakley pieces that I think are outside of the box and revolutionary. I prefer the more high end or different pieces than the standard typical offerings. I knew C SIX was something different, and something I felt like I hadn’t seen from Oakley in a few years. Also, in my line of work I use similar processes in terms of manufacturing and machining, and I understand the work that goes into creating products like C SIX. I have a respect for it.

Oakley: What first made you a fan of the brand?
Robert Lang: Drag Racing. I built racecars and was involved with drag racing. My first exposure to Oakley was through Gary Scelzi. Of course one thing lead to another and I found myself using Oakley product, learning more about it, and loving it.

Oakley: So we know you’re an Oakley fan (and rightly so). How does it feel to know that you are THE FIRST PERSON IN THE WORLD to own a pair of the C SIX sunglasses?
Robert Lang: It feels weird… I have never experienced this kind of feeling before. I feel different. Special. Excited.

Oakley: One last question – is it for personal use, or is it a gift?
Robert Lang: Personal! No one else is going to get to wear it! And I will wear it rather than keep it as a museum piece. Maybe not every day, but it will get good use.

See included imagery from Robert’s visit to Oakley Headquarters and a photo documentation of his one-on-one product education time spent with CEO Colin Baden and Senior Design Director Peter Yee as well as a look behind the scenes of Robert’s tour of the facilities in Foothill Ranch.