Lil Jon in London


Oakley and Lil Jon take London by storm!!!!

Oakley and Lil Jon teamed up and put the CRUNKEST event in London on Tuesday night the 19th at Elektrowerks in Central London. The event began in front of a capacity crowd of 360 guests including MTV, Channel U and all the major UK Magazines, the crowd was warmed up by the best UK talent including L Star and The Mitchell Brothers. When Jon took the stage the crowd went ballistic as the Atlanta rapper yelled, who wants a tequila shot?

LIL JON talks to MTV News

Prior to the event LIL’ JON spent some time talking to MTV news about CRUNK and his association with Oakley.

During his stay in the UK, LIL’ JON was also interviewed by several publications and Channel U TV. The press coverage will include his association with Oakley and he will be wearing one of his signature eyewear pieces in each of the publications black monster dog, red camo zeros and Oakley THUMP. For more on Lil Jon look out for the Anger Management Tour this summer where Lil Jon will join Eminem and 50 cent.


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April 19, 2005

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