Oakley “Owns the Dirt” at Iron City

It's getting dark 2.

For the second year in a row the O Lab took over the Iron City Motorsports Park for another high speed event!

Iron City is located in the heart of the Carolinas, just a short drive from Charlotte. Patrick Moorhead opened this facility in 2006, and with the help of his family and friends it gets bigger and better every year. He has put in a very diverse track with up and down hill sections linking them together with tight turns and lofty jumps. The track stretches for a total of 1.4 miles of pure fun and excitement. Patrick has also put in an oval dirt track for racing go-karts that is fully lit to allow racing to run straight through the darkness. Iron City Motorsports Park is a very well rounded facility indeed and it is only getting better!

After a full day of set up and preparation we all decided to meet up for a friendly game of bowling and beverages. Let me start off by saying never play Kelly Bicford or Ryan Miller for money. They take it very seriously. After watching everyone for a round or two we daringly decided it would be fun to add a little wager. As soon as the first “real” game took place, the ringers stepped up and proceeded to lay down pin after pin. After about four games and two paychecks, we decided we better get some sleep to be ready for the next day’s event.

Day two began with a line of people waiting to get into the O Lab to see the technology that separates Oakley from everyone else, and then rushing to get out on the track to try out their new goggles. The Lab saw around 150 people through, before we had to break it down for phase 2 of the event.

For phase 2 we moved the Lab down to the go kart track for the evening party and the group racing. We cranked up the music; they fired up the grills, and shortly there after the Oakley Bar opened. This was a great opportunity for everyone who couldn’t make it earlier to come by, grab some food and a cocktail then take a tour. The tours ran until every last person was educated. One gentleman said “Now, after attending the Factory Pilot Tour, and through what I have learned from the O Lab, I promise you that I will push Oakley products even harder because I know your competitors cannot match Oakley’s commitment to quality products and quality people, such as you and the crew.” Those are the types of comments that really let us know that we are making a difference and people see what makes Oakley special.

We wrapped up the night with a couple of heated battles on the kart track and a fourth of July worthy display of fireworks.

It really was a dealer appreciation event that allowed for everyone to get a chance to come out and have some food, fun, and no one left empty handed. And with the Lab seeing over 300 people through its doors the event was a success for everyone involved.

The O Lab would like to give a BIG thanks to Patrick and his crew at Iron City Motorsports Park, also everyone from Oakley who helped make this the best event it could be – Shawn, Kelly, Ryan, Ty, Rob, and anyone I might have forgotten, thank you.

Oh…Kelly and Ryan – the check is in the mail!

If you would like to see more about the event or check out Iron City click the links below. Thanks and keep on motor’n!

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