Eye Care Expo 2009

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The Rolling O Lab just “rolled” through Raleigh, North Carolina for the Eye Care Associates annual Eye Care Expo. The Expo is second only to the major eyewear tradeshows found in New York City and Las Vegas where they invite brands to come debut their newest eyewear and allow us to showcase our High Definition Optics.

This was another good year for Oakley at the trade show with a great turn out that lead to big sales. The Lab was parked right below the main balcony of the show allowing everyone to see it and get a chance to come down and check us out. Even with the torrential down pour, the announcements brought over 200 doctors, associates, and passer by’s into the lab. One newly educated Oakley student said of his experience in the lab,”Wow! I never knew that there was this much science in sunglasses…it really makes me think. It’s good to know I have all that protection.”

Local sales representative Jim Sedor said that after last year the show said it was a must to have the lab back again.

After the first day of the show Oakley brought in DJ Rob with some drinks and food to loosen everyone up after a long day of work. Rob had guys and girls a like “sweating to the oldies” as he pumped music out through the mezzanine level of the hotel.

All in all, it was great exposure for us as a brand and a great event. We would like to thank Jim, Ewan, Ty, and DJ Rob for all of their help in making this a success. See you next year!


Adam Racioppi


October 01, 2009

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