Dealer Event in Milan


On the very hot morning of the 12th September, 7am, our infamous O-Lab made its way through the Italian city of Milan, accompanied by a official police escort! Well, otherwise it would have been extremely difficult finding a street broad enough for the 2,54 metres and overall 18metres long truck and trailer.

The Italian Oakley Team managed to place the Rolling O Lab only 200 metres away from the Duomo, Milan’s famous cathedral in the heart of the city – and right in front of the local Ferrari store. We could not have a better position as at this very weekend the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Monza was held. Three beautiful hostess ladies explained to every passing pedestrian what he could experience and see in the Lab. Filippo Masala and Francesco Trancanelli, both passionate and true Italian Oakley HDO experts were doing fantastic shows, bringing Oakley technology to more than 300 people in less than 6 hours, despite the hot and humid air amidst Milan’s ancient buildings.

By sunset we had 2 exhausted but happy Oakley technicians, a whole crowd of new Oakley fans, a satisfied O-lab crew – and the great urge to explore the Italian cuisine!
Special thanks go to Marco for his fantastic planning and organizing even short-time solutions, thank you Filippo for your incomparably energy and great speaking skills, thank you Tranka for your accurate manner of handling the demonstrations and spontaneously repairing things.


Denise Steiner


September 12, 2009

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