Rolling O Lab gets a Taste of Madison

Taste 3

Labor Day weekend.
Eating, performance & Optics Defined! Once a year, 60+ restaurants & 175,000 hungry & thirsty folks gather atop the isthmus at Wisconsin’s State Capitol square. They’re there to sample Madison Chefs’ greatest creations and this year they also got to sample Oakley’s finest: HDO optics! This charity event raises thousands of dollars benefiting United Cerebral Palsy and Oakley was proud to be one of the fine sponsors of the event.

This was the atypical event for the Rolling O Lab crew who are more accustomed to being swarmed by race fans, X-games enthusiasts, or generally athletic-minded individuals. Working in conjunction with Madison’s premium Oakley RX dealer, Eye Contact and their staff, the Rolling O Lab crew of Adam, James & Brian went about their biz. With Moo Cow Kettle corn, and Loose Juice smoothies in hand they demonstrated what separates Oakley from the competition…superior optics!

For an appetizer we had the Prism test which simulates how a lens will bend light and can make your Daddy Rock’s Cheese Curds appear shifted from their true position. If one lens bends light more than the other, or bends light in a different direction, your brain works harder to combine the view from each eye into a single-image of say, a Jamaica Meat Pie.

There was also the Refraction test. This measures how much a lens magnifies an image, Non-prescription lenses shouldn’t work like prescription lenses. Inferior lenses also cause blurring at a shorter distance and can make it appear as if you’re looking through lenses smeared with Mac N Cheese from the Old Fashioned, or BBQ sauce from a Po’ Boys Pork Sammy if you prefer.

For a main-course the public dined on impact: The hi-mass impact test simulated an airbag deploying in your face or what may happen to a CR39 lens if it’s hit with a King of Falafel roll-up dropped from 6+ feet. Others enjoyed the hi-velocity impact test. Simulating a rock flying at your lens or maybe a stray peanut from some Buraka’s Chicken Peanut Stew.

Lastly, for desert, many experienced how Oakley’s Hydrophobic coating can resist sweat, as well as Paciugo’s Gelato.

Special thanks [again] to the Eye Contact Optometry Staff for their assistance with the event!