Eye Contact-Dealer Education and Retail Day


The O-Lab swung into Madison WI’s west-side for a day of dropping HDO knowledge on Wisconsin Oakley Dealers. Our gracious host, local Oakley RX Dealer, Eye Contact of Madison provided the location and the man-power for the day. Eye Contact shares a similar vision with Oakley…they do things differently and they do them well. At Oakley, we defy convention, seek-out problems and then invent solutions…it’s a perfect partnership!

Our RX product is vital-equipment for many in every community our brand speaks to. This was evident by looking at a sampling of those who toured the lab. Some of those athletes, folks, and patients were:

Local snowboard athlete Emily Blewitt (who wears contact lenses) uses Oakley Women’s Stockholm goggle when back-lipping stair-sets in the snowboard park. “After seeing the tour, I learned I can’t compromise my optics by wearing anything but Oakley’s HDO. I don’t know any other company that does such rigorous testing and is out there letting the public know about it.”

Roy Dahnke from Saris Cycling equipment (who wears Oakley RX sunwear) added: “Apparently when I’m big-ringing a downhill stretch on my mountain bike, Oakley’s plutonite lens material has me and the rider behind me who’s eating my dust and rocks protected. The high-velocity impact test proved that. BB’s shot up to 102mph at close-range! I use the Oakley Transitions lenses in a Flak Jacket and they keep me covered in all light conditions. They’ve served me well on many full-sun road-rides and during a couple brutal 24-hour MTB events. Love it”

Davey, from Nevada Bob’s Golf (who will hopefully shave a few strokes from his game from the knowledge he gleaned during the tour) said, “Man, you guys…we need to get an RX pair in the works for me.”

Cobbie (who pulled up on his Harley-Davidson ’05 Electra-glide Standard Police Edition) said, “With other glasses you gotta squint like hell, some of the big ol’ june-bugs you’ll hit … the laser beam test (prism test) and that big-ass metal spike you guys were dropping on your lenses…wow! ______ awesome!” (he’s now got himself a set of Jawbones with a set of clear lenses for riding the bike at night)

That’s what the O-Lab’s all about. Adam, James & Brian bring the message to the people!

A special thanks to:
The folks at Eye Contact: Dr. Nelson, Robin, Debbie, John, Stu, Steve, Steph, Megan, Miranda, Laura, Tracy, Michelle, Mary, Kyle, and Kara.

Huge thanks to all the dealers who made the trip to tour the lab: Badger Optical, Rice Clinic Optical, Trek Bicycle Stores of Madison (East & West), Devil’s Head Ski Resort, TQ Diamonds, Tyrol Basin, Focus Snow & Skate, Olson Eyecare, Vita Park Eye Associates, The Wildside, Machinery Row Bicycles, Williamson Bicycle Works, Atkins Verona Bike Shop, and Streicher’s.