Endless O Tour


Oakley’s Rolling O Lab made its first ever stop in Grand Rapids, Michigan on September 2, 2009 for an exclusive gathering for Oakley dealers. Employees and owners from 34 shops didn’t miss the opportunity to witness the technology behind the world’s greatest eyewear.

The O Lab settled in outside of the B.O.B. (Big Old Building) and people from shops as little as 2 blocks to as far as over 2 hours away showed up to see what it was all about. Outside, the O Lab ran tours all evening with almost 150 people through the truck. After the tours, guests went inside to Crush Nightclub where they enjoyed the delicious food and beverages offered to them while taking in Oakley videos on the big screen. Raffle drawings were done constantly throughout the night and many were lucky enough to go home with a new pair of sunglasses. Overall, 80 prizes were given away.

Crush was a perfect venue and the set up allowed dealers from all over to meet and share stories and ideas and, of course, rave about the impressive impression of the Rolling O. In short, all of the shop employees and owners were beyond stoked about the whole experience.

Thanks to Angela and the staff at the B.O.B. for making sure everyone had a great time.

Also huge thanks to Adam, Brian, and Drew. I have received over a dozen emails since last Wednesday; everyone was super appreciative and had great things to say about everything.