Oakley Pro Junior Lacanau and Sooruz Lacanau Pro


Right in time for the Oakley Pro Junior, a Grade-2 event according to the ASP ranking, the O-Lab made its way to the French Atlantic Coast, to Lacanau.

A great spot, hosting famous surf competitions for decades and always promising good and stable conditions for surfers. The Rolling O Lab got a premium position, facing the beach and sea front with the competition zone – it was awesome! After the setting up the Lab, the O-Lab Crew around French HDO master Anthony Dumesnil could already enjoy the first qualification heats of the surfer’s next generation. Due to the small to zero waves the locals, surfers, competitors and Oakley fans had plenty of time visiting the O-Lab, located close to our local partner store “Banana Surfshop”.

Daily we could expect masses of people to rush in and out, checking the latest Oakley eyewear releases, experiencing the HDO science and from time to time having relaxed chats with Anthony who was eagerly willing to share his expertise. Encouraged by Olivier from the Banana Surfshop next door to taste their excellent cuisine, it was always a nice atmosphere around the lab.

Our 3 sporty ladies Coralie, Elise and Alix – all passionate surfer girls by the way – did the best job you could ever dream of: in less than 8 days they managed to get 5.000 participants for the custom Frogskin raffle!! As a special goodie there was the chance to catch one of the inflatable Oakley beach balls which were thrown from the O-Lab stage right after the lottery. During the days of qualification heats and contests, many Oakley teamriders popped in and out the Lab, listening to Anthony`s show, grabbing some Red Bull and of course get some custom Frogskins. Romain Cloitre was a daily visitor at the O-Lab, Charlie Brown nearly decided for getting a pink Frogskin (but decided then on a white one) and ever-smiling Adam Meling rushed in with a bunch of friends and wouldn’t go till it was time for his heat.

On Saturday the 15th August, one day before the big final of the Oakley Pro Junior we could welcome four of our great young Oakley surfer at the O-Lab for an signing session. Romain Cloitre, Fanny Brice, Marc Lacomare and Charles Martin managed to hand out hundreds of signed posters to the people, signing surfboards, tees and bare skin and smiled happily into every camera. It was a great success having them at the O Lab, they took their time and ignored incredible 35° C degrees just to please their fans. Hence we were double happy that Charles Martin could show his strong abilities in the tricky 2 foot waves, reached the final the next day, beat every other competitor and could finish the Oakley Pro Junior 2009 over a top international field of 150 boys and girls with a fantastic victory.

The day after the finals of the Oakley Pro Junior the qualification heats for the Sooruz Lacanau Pro started, a very popular event and already taking place the 30th year in a row! Surfers got pretty excited as the big swell the forecast announced a week earlier finally came in and promised beautiful and strong waves. During the “Expression Session” on Saturday, 22nd August, the crowd had even more reason to cheer as 20 competitors hopped into the water to demonstrate their skills. There was more action going on you could ever imagine, huge aerials, rodeos, flips, floaters and 360° – and did you know that one can do nice handplants on a shortboard?! The spectators stood shoulder to shoulder on the beach to support their favourites – it was awesome. Luckily one of the best spots to watch the show was the rooftop of the Rolling-O Lab!

The Sooruz Lacanau Pro ended with a head to head final of Frenchie Joan Duru and Travis Logie from South Africa. Joan Duru’s performance unleashed a combination of massive vertical turns and committed maneuvers to get an incredible 9.00 reward for his ride so he got the lead and won the contest.

All in all it was an amazing experience being so close to the athletes, action and fans with the Rolling-O Lab, big shout out to everybody who helped making this possible. Thank you so much Anthony, Coralie, Elise, Alix, Yann, Olivier, Marie, Chrissy…

See you next year!!