Ironman Frankfurt/Main


The city of Frankfurt/Main, located in the heart of Germany, was the stage for the unveil of Europe’s Rolling O Lab. The Ironman Frankfurt, attracting the best athletes in that discipline battling for the Hawaii qualification, was about to take place on July 5th. It was a tough race against the clock to make it in time, as the Rolling O trailer had arrived just days before from the US. This gave the US Rolling O expert team consisting of Arron Nowlin, Ryan Evert and Joses Kofford very little time to get it ready for the event. But…they did it!

Frankfurt is sometimes called “Mainhattan” since it’s the financial capital of Germany and has a distinctive skyline, but the old town is different: its narrow streets required some precise maneuvering from the driver Jan Thorandt and his “master navigator” Arron Nowlin. The reward was a fantastic position directly at the ancient church called Römerkirche, only meters away from the grand stands and the finish line of the event, with thousands of fans around.

The team received some further reinforcements from Adam Racioppi, who left his own Rolling O Lab behind to join in Frankfurt. Adam started off with educating Faris Al-Sultan and his team on the benefits of High Definition Optics, leaving no doubt about Oakley’s superior performance. From Thursday through Sunday, many spectators and fans entered the Rolling O to be educated by the German HDO master Franz Greiter, some even sacrificing their old eyewear for impact tests. They were happy to pick up a brand new pair of Oakley at Laufshop Leder afterwards, our local dealer specialized in triathlon equipment who sold the latest in Oakley performance eyewear at the lab.

Oakley was all over the place, with our girls giving out inflatable Oakley “hands” and flyers to participate in a raffle for an Oakley Radar to the crowd. Of course the Rolling O team was also there to help athletes with small repairs and lens recommendations for their specific needs.

The race itself was held in challenging hot and humid conditions, with Oakley’s Nicole Leder taking 3rd wearing the new women’s sport performance piece, Commit. Andreas Raelert brought home 4th place in Radar Straight Stem.

Thanks a million to Adam, Arron, Joses and Ryan, who made the seemingly impossible happen in the end!