Wakeboarding at Aschheim, Germany


Immediately after the Zürich event, the Rolling O Lab drove over to Aschheim, Germany on July 17th. Located right outside of Munich, this place is fantastic for Wakeboarding, and the German team invited over 150 dealers for HDO training, Bavarian food and wakeboarding fun.

The special beach-like location gave our truck aficionados Jan and Arron a good chance to explore the offroad capabilities of the Rolling O Lab’s impressive MAN 4×4 truck, which is customized by Unicat and equipped with sand tires so it could almost compete in a Paris-Dakar rallye. Needless to say, this was more fun than a challenge.

German HDO expert Franz Greiter educated groups of people continuously on HDO while looking at the weather forecast – heavy rain was announced, but the weather held up well…until he was done with his sessions. Then, within minutes, heavy rain and storms were wreaking havoc over Munich, and the team had to rush to save the equipment and O Lab from damage. Amazing: Franz afterwards did another HDO presentation, soaking wet – thanks for taking it to the max!!

Special thanks go to Arron, Jan, Denise, Alex and Franz for all their efforts under these difficult conditions!