Sneak Peek: 12 Gauge


How do you gauge the world as it screams past in a blur? You slice up the seconds and seize the day. Oakley created a new invention that uses multiple sub dials to help you get a handle on the moment. When the world sees this work of art and engineering, they’ll understand what inspired it.

Put yourself in the cockpit of a speed machine and imagine all the instrumentation that speaks to you second by second, revealing itself with gauges that let you peer into the heart of performance. You don’t have to be a fighter pilot or racecar driver to know that just the sight of those dials is a pure adrenalin rush. Now imagine the same thing on your wrist.

The world tends to move with velocity, so if you think it’s time to take life out of the slow lane, you could probably use the calibration of fine instrumentation. It’s coming soon in the time machine called 12 Gauge, the new measure of precision and mark of style.


Rick Zacharias


August 14, 2009