Carbon Fiber Eyewear Unveiled


Oakley C SIX™ eyewear is finally making its debut. This unique carbon fiber design is part of the new ELITE Collection of ultra-premium products that allow groundbreaking concepts to reach discerning customers, albeit in limited quantities.

Priced at US$4000, C SIX is the most expensive sunglass we have ever built. If you have followed the development of this invention, you understand why. More than 24 hours of 5-axis Computer Numeric Controlled (CNC) machining sculpts carbon fiber components that are hand assembled with a Beta Titanium spinal structure. With materials and technologies so unique, and production processes so meticulous, it goes without saying that C SIX will have extremely limited distribution.

Quantities will be so limited, there will be no waiting list for C SIX. A “waiting” list implies ultimate availability. We cannot make that guarantee. The best we can provide is an “interest” list for distributing the available frames as fairly as possible.

We thank you for your patience during the seemingly impossible journey that brought C SIX to the pinnacle of product design. Please check back for more updates, and explore the other releases in the new Oakley ELITE Collection.


Rick Zacharias


November 10, 2009