Show & Prove Premiere

Golf Vegas Pro Am main image.jpg

Snow? That was the last thing I was thinking when I jumped a flight from LAX to SLC Friday morning for the PC premiere of Show & Prove. What a trip. Next thing I know I’m freezing on the airport curb waiting for Tanner or someone to come pick me up.

I arrived up at Tanner’s place around noon and I couldn’t believe it. It was puking snow. Everyone was already at Tanner’s; Kye, Skogen, CR, Cali P, Ras Theo & DJ Kaprisson. This was a big one for us, this premiere. "Show & Prove" was one of the most difficult and challenging projects that any of us had ever worked on and here we all are again, in Park City, where the journey began. It felt good to be back.

Tanner pulled out all the stops on this one. Could you expect anything less? We arrived over at Harry O’s a little before 7 to get situated. Cali P & Ras Theo was doing mic checks, Tanner was working on some chicks and Sko, CR & Kye were pouring drinks. This eclectic group of individuals we run around with in the snow world fascinates me and they make my life so much more interesting.

Next thing I know Harry O’s is slammed and the film is playing. It’s always a bit strange when you watch the film with a crowd. You’re not really watching the film; you’re watching other people watch the film. The lights came back on, Tanner and CR went on stage to introduce Cali, and the rest is a blur. It was a big night for us. We’ve been though a lot in the past year and this is where it started and it felt good to be back.

Constantine Papanicolaou