E-Town Throwdown 2009


What else can I say about this event other then it and all of the people involved are amazing.

The E-Town Throwdown created by Mike Brown and Gary Morrison is Kentucky’s premiere amateur wake board event sanctioned through the WWA (World Wakeboard Association) as well as a benefit tournament. A portion of the proceeds from each entry fee will be donated to Crusade for Children. The Crusade for Children uses 100% of each donation to help children with special needs in Kentucky and Indiana.

The event started out with James and me rolling the Lab into a small town in Kentucky to meet up with Mike. Now, I had never met him personally but I heard many good things, one of them being that he is always going and he NEVER slows down…and he never did. We met up with him at his home in McDaniel’s, KY that he shares with his wife Robin, his mother, and his five kids Zach, Nick, Ben, Bailey, and Bradley.

For a little background on Mike-he currently is a firefighter, and both he and Robin competed professionally in bare foot water skiing, Mike also competed in knee boarding and Robin in slalom water skiing. It’s safe to say that there is water in their blood if you know what I mean, and they definitely passed it along to their kids. Mikes mother Sandy own Nicks Boat Dock, a marina and pro shop that is an Oakley account on the Rough River Lake, that’s what ties Mike into all of this. Mike runs the shop and marina as well as maintaining both. On his property he has created a full wakeboard training facility for his kids consisting of two trampolines with ski ropes attached to the ceiling to practice tricks, a mini ramp, weights and half of a basketball court. It was really something else.

Mike insisted we stay at his house and they brought us in like we were part of the family. I think it’s pretty rare that a family you just met can make you feel so comfortable in such a short amount of time (about 10 minutes to be exact) but they did.

This is the fourth year of the E-Town Throwdown and it topped out at almost 60 riders and wake skaters. The event was held at Freeman Lake. The great thing about Freeman Lake is: first, there are no powerboats allowed on the lake at all, so during the event it was only the 2 competition boats on the water and second, there was plenty of in and out shoreline to absorb the waves from the boats wake. Both of these things add up to glassy conditions that last all day long, giving each rider pristine water and the opportunity to go as big as they can. The lake is so nice that it is now the spot for the first wakeboard pro tour stop ever in Kentucky. For an amateur event there were some pretty big sponsors including Oakley, Nick’s Boat Dock, Malibu Boats, Gator Boards, Fox, and Ronix along with many others. With The Outlaw Class being the top division and its first place getting $1000.00 to the third place in the grom division getting $25, and all the other prizes included, no one left empty handed. Nick’s Boat Dock brought their mobile pro shop out and sold a bunch of glasses, soft goods and flip flops totaling over $3000.00. Everyone was happy.

This event had everything, great riding in great weather, and great music with local bands including Main Street, Hush, Sub-Urban Station, and The Hemingways. Oakley sponsored a volleyball tournament for all ages donating its entry fees to the Crusade for Children; Jack Blodget wowed the crowd with his bare footing skills, and most importantly great people with a great cause.

As far as who placed from the crew, Mike Browns little rippers did very well. His youngest Benjamin placed third in the grom category, Nick got first in the Jr. Men’s Intermediate and Zack got second. In women’s intermediate, Erica Dumeyer placed second and in men’s expert, Ryan Steele crushed it and took first. Taylor McCullough, the young up and coming phenom placed first in the women’s open and here’s a side note, look for Taylor to be Miley Cyrus’s wakeboard double in her new movie “Gidget”. And for the outlaw division Pierce Homsey took third. So overall the local crew and Oakley did very well.

We finished up the weekend with a day of wakeboarding; wake skating, some cliff and bridge jumping. All in all an amazing event!

There are a ton of people to thank so here I go. First and foremost we need to give a BIG THANKS to Mike and Robin Brown and their family-thanks for the place to crash and all the food, Robin your a great cook. Thanks to all of Mikes crew-Erica, Ryan, Freddie, Andrew, and all the boys. Thanks to Jack Blodgett and Kyle Rattray for helping to make it a great event and stoking kids out with an autograph signing. Thank you Sean Mando and Jason Aronson for your support and the Oakley prizes. Thanks Joses Kofford for dialing us in. Also we wanted to thank Lou and Eric from Gator Boards as well as Brett Hargrave from Ronix (thanks for getting us home safe) and Taylor and her father Scott, for bringing the extra boat. If we forgot anyone…thank you too.

If you want to learn more about the E-Town Throwdown or you’re in the area and need some new gear check out Nick’s Boat Dock . For more information on the Crusade for Children check out their website .

Thanks again and look for us next year! We’ve already got our tickets!