Oakley and Shop Gentei Release Limited Edition Night Rider Frogskin


Never underestimate neither the Shop Gentei nor Oakley when it comes to throwing a shindig for a Limited Edition sunglass release. On Friday, June 13th, Shop Gentei in Baltimore, in conjunction with Oakley, hosted an invite only shop party to officially launch the “Night Rider” limited edition Frogskin.

Friends, family and people from all over came to witness the unveiling of this one-of-ak-kind limited edition Oakley Frogskin and to see the uniqueness that is Shop Gentei. With a motorcycle and bike theme running the night, the crowd was specifically there to snatch up the awaited “Night Rider” Frogskin. People threw their money down as well as their dance moves and good times were had by all.

As the free Pabst and Red Bull ran dry, the party shifted to Talking Head Club Sonar where the rest of the Gentei scene crowded in for a much anticipated live performance by The Death Set.The next-level show rocked the house and fueled the crowd with a contagious energy that aligned perfectly with the evening’s festivities.

Restricted to a production run of only 100 pieces, these Frogskins were personally retooled and re-imagined by Gentei founder and creative director Oliver Jones and Oakley to create a conceptually complete product from start to finish. The result? Hi Intensity Yellow lenses (specifically made for night riding and overcast days) inside black fade-to-clear frames with the Gentei logo in chrome. Sixties vintage styling cues combined with the timeless Frogskins silhouette to create a wholly new interpretation of an icon.The project is rounded out by a Jones-designed microfiber bag, included with each pair. All 100 pairs will be sold at Shop Gentei and ShopGentei.com.

Special thanks to Jay Dempsey, Oliver Jones, and the Gentei crew for the great partnership.


Rhett Taylor


June 21, 2009