Carbon Fiber Sunglasses: Vision Becomes Reality

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ELITE products honor the heritage of Oakley by exceeding the limits of possibility. A premier eyewear design in the new ELITE Collection blends carbon fiber with customized mechanics and the world’s best optical technologies. Called C SIX™, this sunglass was inspired by more than just the passion to create the ultimate sunglasses.

“We took examples from segmented creatures in the animal kingdom,” said Senior Design Director Peter Yee. “We looked at animals like the armadillo and studied how parts move and slide. It’s the same idea with armored suits — you have flexibility and function that remains protective.”

Auto racing was another inspiration. “We were looking at cams that move valves,” said Global Eyewear Development Manager Steve Ogren. “That’s when we came up with the concept of radial cams for the frame mechanics.”

The connection to racecars went to the extreme. “Some of the contours of C SIX take cues from speed machines,” said Oakley President Colin Baden. “When we decided to use carbon fiber, we went to the guys who have been building Formula One racecars for decades, Crosby Composites of England. They’re the absolute best on the planet with this technology.”

All these inspirations crystallized into Oakley C SIX. Check back for updates on the ultimate sunglasses.

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Rick Zacharias


June 17, 2009