Rolling O Lab Serves Up Some Oakley Custom Team Spirit

SEC 044

O-Lab rolls into Hoover, Alabama to help serve up some Oakley Custom team spirit.

Regions Field in Hoover, Alabama played host to the SEC Baseball championships once again but this time the familiar ballpark scenery was slightly altered. Anyone who follows College Baseball knows that those crazy SEC fans could blow any other sports fans out of the water in a battle of team spirit. Hats, shirts, bags, even footwear, the diehard fans find ways to show their team colors. This year Jim Glazner with the help of Oakley AMG and the Oakley Custom program put together countless combinations of team colors on eyewear, everything from Gascan and Straight Jacket to Flack Jacket and Radar. They created and sold the ultimate SEC must have.

With custom eyewear flying out of the towers the O-Lab kept the HDO presentations pumping to ensure that everyone was aware that their new Oakley’s were more than just coincidentally cool colored shades, and that they are in fact, the most advanced and highest performing eyewear on the planet.

The games went late and the weather did not always cooperate but in the end it was the No.1 seed LSU who beat out No.8 seed Vanderbilt 6-2.