Sunglasses at Night: Vegas

Oakley Vegas 1

Oakley and the Art Institute of Las Vegas got together for the second leg of the Sunglasses at Night Art Tour.

Oakley sent out 40 plain white Hijinx to Las Vegas students at the Art Institute and had them design their own art onto the glass. The creative designs were just as distinct as the students who designed them.

Oakley artist Andrew Petterson was again in attendance to Field questions and talk with the students as well as announce a winner for the event. " This was easily the hardest contest to judge because they were all so brilliant," said Petterson. “It was definitely too hard to decide.”

“There was such a huge response by the students—I had about 200 inquires for 40 entry spaces,” said Anne Dean Director of Public Relations and Marketing at the Art Institute of Las Vegas “This shows the students that there are companies committed to doing the same things they are interested in.”

DJ Dax provided the sounds for the evening, Red Bull quenched the crowds thirst and there was edible art for everyone to enjoy.

The evening capped off with the announcement of the $1500 scholarship winner and the runner-up, who won $500 worth of Oakley eyewear.

First Place went to Jonathan Boyer, who created a literal “masterpiece” of eyewear. Petterson commented that the artwork was “simply amazing”. Boyer put in a huge chunk of time designing the unique piece.

Second place went to Steve Scott who created a visually stunning Oakley skull piece that caught everyone’s attention. Steve is an avid Oakley follower and was more than excited to receive his prizes.

Special thanks go out to Anne Dean and her staff.

The tour’s next leg of the stop will be at the Art Institute of San Francisco coming in June, stay tuned for more on