The Oakley Elite Collection


Since its inception in 1975, Oakley has been awarded more than 600 unique patents and earned its place at the pinnacle of innovation. The company’s advanced research and design teams are continually experimenting to break the boundaries of convention. Most of the time, we do it to solve consumer problems.

Sometimes we do it just because we can.

With revolutionary breakthroughs, past experiments were developed into some of our most successful products. In some cases, the process or materials never found a commercial application because the technologies or aesthetics were too radical for consumers to grasp, or the projected price-point would have narrowed demand and made development unfeasible.

Enter Oakley Elite.

The Oakley Elite Collection allows groundbreaking Eyewear, Apparel, Footwear and Accessory concepts to reach consumers, albeit in extremely limited quantities. There is simply no other way to bridge the best products with discerning consumers who demand the ultimate. Products that carry the Oakley Elite icon will quite simply represent the most innovative technologies, aesthetics and ideas on the planet.

Introducing PitBoss, the first product in our new Oakley Elite collection.


Rick Zacharias


June 18, 2009