Caught Inside With Roxy Louw

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Roxy Louw may be a model for Oakley, but don’t discredit her surfing skills. The South African babe has been hitting the water since she was a kid and once rescued some guys who got caught too far out in the waves. Help us Roxy we’re drowning…

Forget about Carmen Sandiego – Where in the World is Roxy Louw? “I’m sorry, I just got back from Bali!” was Roxy Louw’s apology to FUEL TV after three weeks of unanswered emails begging for an interview. But such is the life of South Africa’s sexiest lass. This jet-setting surf starlet is the international face for Oakley, Woolworth’s South Africa, Blackberry, Subaru, and the good life in general.

Between flexing her DJ skills at Tiger Tiger in Durban and chasing waves in the Maldives, Miss Louw was kind enough to wax hilarious on saving lives at sea, models upchucking, and even clarified some questions we had regarding the First Boer War.





May 21, 2009