Commit™ - Women's Sport Performance Sunglass Debuts


Commit. Entrust your purpose to the confidence earned through the endless repetition of practice. Honing a craft to the point that the end result is almost out of your control. That’s to say: when you commit to giving everything you have, victory is simply a matter of circumstance. By reinventing everything the world knows about comfort, fit and style – with the kind of bold beauty that celebrates the power and grace of the female form – Commit leaves nothing to chance.

The Perfect Fit
It starts with the weight. We know, we know: women don’t like talking about the number. So we won’t give you one. But the first thing you’ll notice is how light the frame is. The durability and all-day comfort of stress-resistant O Matter® is to thank.

Up next: our patented Three-Point Fit. Count the sides of your head plus the bridge of your nose for those of you scoring at home. Perspiration actually increases the Unobtanium® grip, ensuring that your shades won’t slip. And for the math geeks: a geometrically optimized fit designed exclusively for women.

The Best Vision In Sports
See ball, hit ball. Or pavement, courts, fields and tracks. Commit comes with more than just the perfect female fit. It’s also chock-full of components that comprise the world’s best optics.

Interchangeable Lenses
You games aren’t always played in the exact same conditions. Commit has an interchangeable lens design that lets you adapt to changing light and optimize performance in virtually any environment.

Lens Shape Options
Subtly squared (SQ). Or aviator-inspired (AV). Either way, you’re getting High Definition Optics® – for clarity and impact resistance – plus extended peripheral vision and improved side protection thanks to the contours of an 8.75 base lens curvature.

Commit Lens (Prescription)
Even some of the world’s best athletes need a little help with the ole’ eyesight. So Commit is available with Oakley Authentic Prescription Lenses.


Newbear Lesniewski


May 19, 2009