Sneak Peek: C100 Artist Series Oakley Jupiter


Christian Hundertmark started young. And he set the bar high, introducing himself to the world with a graffiti “Batman”.

Then design studies. A year-spin in the ad world. Freelance work. And founding his own studio. Soon, though, Christian found himself immersed once again in the street.

Its endless possibility. Boundless opportunity. And brand-new mediums.

So he wrote his first book. Got rave reviews. Wrote another, chronicling the evolution of street art from his point of view.

Started a new book series. Travels. Lectures.

Hosts workshops in Vienna. Milan.

We promise, this is no fictional man. Want proof?

The C100 Artist Series Oakley Jupiter™ is coming soon.


Newbear Lesniewski


May 22, 2009