Rolling O Visits Southern California College of Optometry


Eye Care Center at Southern California College of Optometry is one of Southern California’s premier eye and vision care centers. The faculty members have authored many of the profession’s major textbooks and have been regular contributors to the clinical and vision science literature. Like Oakley, they are leading the way in future technologies. These doctors showed a great appreciation for the efforts Oakley invests by bringing these HDO standards to the industry.

This past weekend Oakley’s Rolling O made some noise as they instructed over 150 of the schools Doctors of Optometry, Optometric interns and professional support staff. Oakley was able to show these doctors first hand who the leaders in technology are. The Doctors and future eye Doctors of the world listened with intent as the Rolling O crew showed them no other brand compares to our HDO standards.

Even though i got a speeding ticket on the way, the day was a huge success. ( I was going 78 on the freeway, is that too fast?) Special Thanks to Bryan and the Rolling O Crew, they were amazing!