The O Lab Invades West Point

West Point 006

On April 11th and 12th the Oakley Rolling O Lab infiltrated the perimeter of West Point for their now annual Spring Fest and the Army versus Navy baseball games. This stop for the O Lab also coincided with the release of the new exclusive (as well as limited edition) Army Flak Jacket that can only be purchased at West Point.

The Flak Jacket is matte black with gold icons and black iridium XLJ lenses with the Flying A laser etched on the lower corner of the left lens. Even with the temperatures in the 40’s, lots of wind and rain, over 100 cadets waited through the weather to get a glimpse of, and/or a chance to purchase, one of the new Black Knight Flak Jackets. The piece itself was a huge hit – selling out of every single one in the first few hours; totaling 96 pairs as well as many other Oakley glasses. Just to give you an idea of what an impact it was, the cadet stores total sales for Oakley in 2008 was 100 pairs and they topped that this year in just a few hours! Some of the Navy cadets came over and were already inquiring about a Navy specific edition and from what I overheard a few of them say…I think they were a little jealous. Hopefully this will lead to pieces for the Navy and Air Force academies in the future.

So despite the rain, we had over 350 of the Army’s finest cadets lining up to come through the O Lab to be educated on our High Definition Optics and it really gave them a better idea of why Oakley has such a huge presence in the military. It also gave us an opportunity to spread the word about Oakley’s Military and Government site, specifically set up to take care of any Armed Forces or civil servant personnel with a discount.

On the baseball side of things, the Army swept the Navy 3 out of 4 in the series to put a great end to the weekend. All in all it was a great event with a great turn out from the debut of the Black Knight Flak Jackets, the hundreds of cadets that showed up to learn about HDO and the Army taking down the Navy in baseball. I think this was the first big step in creating an even better relationship with the military not only in eyewear but in the education of what Oakley can give back to them.

I would like to give a big thanks to Mark “Pope” Popelka for putting this event together, bringing the people out and making it such a success. As well as Colonel Flowers, his team from Cadet Activities for all their support and all the cadets who braved the weather to come out and see us. We hope to be back next year.