Sneak Peek: Oakley Warrant™ Watch


Mettle: vigor, strength of spirit, staying quality.

Metal: a lustrous substance, a good conductor of heat and electricity, glass in its molten state.

Two words. One pronunciation. And at the end of the day, almost the same meaning. For you beginners out there, we’re talking about the substance out of which a person or thing is made.

Now, this space is normally reserved for words like “Swiss made quartz movement, three-hand analog display, intricately chiseled stainless steel and 10 bar water resistance.”

But this master clock is about more than being able to withstand water pressure at 330 feet or quartz tuning forks that vibrate 32,768 times to count each second.

So consider yourself served. The Oakley Warrant™ watch is coming soon – to stand the test of time while measuring every move.


Newbear Lesniewski


April 14, 2009