San Diego Padres & Seattle Mariners


The final stop of the Rolling O Lab – West crew’s tour of the Arizona Cactus League was at the Peoria Sports Complex, home to the San Diego Padres and Seattle Mariners. With some last minute negotiations and persuasion we were able to get the rig moved from a parking lot location to a prime stadium location along the third base vendor area. This is where every fan comes as they enter the stadium and where almost every hot dog and beer is sold during the game.

The beautiful Arizona spring weather brought the crowd out to see the San Diego Padres host the Kansas City Royals; and the Seattle Mariners host the Texas Rangers and with the Rolling O Lab in a spot that no one could avoid people where left no choice but to check out what it was all about. After fans toured the Lab, the experience was not complete, so we directed them straight to Kirk Shultze, where he had a well-merchandised case and he finished the experience by selling them a fresh pair of Oakleys to enjoy. While we were in Peoria the younger Oakley fan also visited us, with hundreds of middle school kids dropped off in school buses for a day at the ballpark. In Peoria we experienced a day of baseball with all ages and all ages got to the experience the Rolling O Lab, a great way to finish out time with the Arizona Cactus League.


Bryan Shelton


March 27, 2009