Oakley Tank Celebration Event Recap

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We told you that we’d let you know how our little play date with the tank went, so here goes:

CEO Scott Olivet kicked off the event with an impassioned speech wrapped neatly around the $1 billion celebration and the history of our family behind all that success.

The G.O.A.T, Ricky Carmichael, was ferried in on a monster moto truck that burned rubber all over the helipad before delivering a few words of his own.

On the big day:

“I am really excited for Oakley to have reached this goal. I’ve been
with Oakley my entire career and they have helped me reach all my goals – they’re still helping me today with all my future goals in NASCAR.”

Echoing Scott’s family ethos:

“The reason they are so successful is because they care about their
athletes and will do anything to help them. I am so pumped that I have
been a part of this huge milestone for them as a company and as part of
my family.”

And then, as “Flight of the Valkyies” echoed across Whiting Ranch Wilderness Park, Troy the Tank Driver – who doubles as a higher-up in footwear design and development – came crashing up the hill.

Carnage ensued. Kegs flowed. And DJ Dax spun some tunes.

When the dust settled, six honorary employees received a ride in the tank for their respective jobs well done: Pat (Marketing), Angel (Finance), Scott (HR), Nicholas (Manufacturing), Manny (Operations), Troy (Design), Martin (Retail).

We’ll let the pictures tell the rest of the story.

More photos of the event on Flickr.

To see how this all came to be, listen to President Colin Baden tell an Oakley bedtime story.