A 5K Run In Central Park


To jump-start the day off right, Oakley had all the invited media meet in the lobby for a shuttle to Central Park. Upon arrival, Sports Marketing Manager Greg Welch welcomed everyone to a wonderful morning in the park and introduced Oakley’s Uniquely Campaign Athlete, Lolo Jones. Lolo is having another great year in the 110 m hurdles and was nice enough to lead the stretches for all the runners.

Once everyone was warmed up, they headed off into the park for a mellow 5K Run that was thoroughly enjoyed by all. At the end of the 5K Run was a custom “Oakley” finish line for everyone to cross, which was a big hit.

Afterwards the media and athletes were shuttled back to begin Oakley’s “Show Room” Meetings in the Penthouses of the Thompson Hotel. Look for more updates the week progresses here in Manhattan.