Trans-Am Snowboarding Event #2


Winter Park Colorado hosted Trans-Am Stop #2. Trans-Am is a totally free, totally unique grassroots snowboarding event where Oakley has teamed up with Transworld Snowboarding Magazine, High Cascade Snowboard Camp and select retailers in five different regions across the US. This event allows for 100 men and women competitors to put their skills to the test on a unique slope style setup for a chance to win special customized products – gold, silver and bronze Oakley Razor Blades with laser-etched lenses reading Trans-Am 1st – 3rd.

We were ready for a big turn out at Winter Park since this event was right on the heels of a hugely successful first stop at So-Cal’s Bear Mountain. With a 100-competitor limit, they actually had to turn kids away at Bear Mountain – and Winter Park, Colorado was no different. Core retailer, Satelite Boardshop, was involved as the shop sponsor for this event so word of the event spread fast. Kids from all over Colorado woke up very early to make it to Winter Park to compete.

The course started with an Oakley tent as the entrance that led into three different obstacles. First was an ice block jib that led into a mini jump – that also had a handrail option – and finished off with an interesting third obstacle that gave kids three options. They could either do tricks over or onto a giant wooden wheel, a barrel jib, or a Pink Unicorn pole jib. With a two-hour qualifier, kids unleashed every ounce of their creativity to stand out for the judges in order to be picked as one of the forty competitors for the finals.

Three men and women winners were picked by the judges and the riders were also asked to write down their favorite competitor for a rider’s choice award. Due to a raffle after the awards ceremony, almost every kid who competed left with something. This event could be summed up in one word: “fun”.

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February 04, 2006